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15. May 2013
11. June 2013

Dorte Karstensen Wacher, who is a great, great artist and my friend invited me to participate in her window decoration art pieces at Øjesten, an optical shop in Kolding.
Dorte is a painter, an illustrator, a decorator, a stylist, a designer and so much more all wrapped into one creative person. Be sure to check out her works on her website.
She decorated 2 of the shop’s windows.
This window is all Dorte.
In this window you can see my contributions. I knitted the mannequin’s top. And yes, that’s a satellite on her head. And yes, those are tiny versions of Koldinghus, the old castle of Kolding.
Here’s a close-up of the mannequin from inside the store.

I am so happy to have contributed to Dorte’s pieces, and am looking very much forward to many more Wacher & Villumsen projects.


  1. This is wonderfully cool!!

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