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20. February 2012
japan, part I, coming to japan
7. March 2012

vibeke and claus

I am looking so much forward to the Sheep Palette festival, and I am slowly getting there with all my preparations for it. Today I have been working on the lecture I will be doing on Saturday, the 10th of March, at 4.00PM. I am not sure at what venue, but I am sure you can find it in the programme, or on the website if you read Japanese…

So my day has been filled with looking at images like:which is one example of the sunwheel. And:these guys are from the Faroe Islands.

Both pictures are from the great Vibeke Lind’s amazing book: ‘Strik med nordisk tradition’. It has been translated into English. It really is an fascinating book, that tells you a lot about the history, traditions and patterns in nordic knitting. It is one of my favourite books.


I have also found to time to complete and upload a new pattern to my ravelry shop.

It is the claus hat. I initially designed it in 2008. The hat has been redesigned and the pattern rewritten.

It is fun to knit. The stitch pattern is easy to remember and quite addictive.

You can get hold of the pattern here.


  1. Tariq says:

    Good blogging!

  2. […] Nordic knitting is the constant repetition of patterns that covers a garment, like the pattern on these Faroese boys‘s sweaters. They describe a kind of predictability, that gives you the opportunity to either […]

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