As much as I like the process of designing and making new patterns, I sometimes just want to turn of that design part of my brain and knit something that someone else has written the pattern for. The other day I casted on for Thorn, by Bristol Ivy, from Wool People 4. The pattern has been on my want-to-knit list, since it came out. As I’ve said before, I have a thing for lines, and I really like the way they describe the shape of the shawl in this pattern. I’m knitting it holding 2 strands of Einband together in 2 different shades of grey.
thorn vithard knittingI am a fan of Brooklyn Tweed‘s style. The almost Nordic minimalistic look of his photos, website and patterns. Then he has a thing for tweedy yarns, which I do as well. Unfortunately I haven’t tried any of his yarns yet, but all things come to those wait, right?
I am not knitting Thorn only for the relaxation of it, I must admit. For the Friends & Fiberworks Fantasy Fiber / Knitting Cruise, I am working on a pattern. I haven’t decided on shapes and textures yet. The shape that Bristol Ivy uses in this shawl I find quite intriguing, so I wanted to try it out – see how she made the shape, how I like the shape, if it can inspire in any way…


  1. studio215 says:

    I’ve just finished ‘Thorn’ ( I was intrigued the moment I saw it because of the unusual shape and construction and I love Bristol Ivy’s designs. Maybe I made a mistake in reading the pattern (which I followed to the letter) or it was the yarn … the result is a disaster: The piece (which was very tight after knitting) blocked into something without any structure/texture – a strange, very wide almost-triangle. Don’t know if this is wearable.

    • vithard says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with the pattern. I have almost finished my thorn, and it is coming along just fine. I too was intrigued by the shape, but also by the lines that grow outwards.

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