Fanø Strikkefestival
25. September 2013
Anders helped me set up my youtube channel
22. October 2013

this year’s knit-along started today.
In the Ravelry group we’ll be knitting and talking about the1sleeved.It’s a one sleeved sweater, a poncho with a sleeve, a capey thing, a cowl maybe, or what ever you want it to be…
Share on instagram your progress, while you’re working on it, and how you wear it, once you’re done with it, using the hashtag #vithard1sleeved
The pattern involves a lot of different techniques some you might know, some you might not. I have started a youtube-channel, where I’ve posted 4 of the 5 videos that show the techniques involved in this pattern. The last one is on it’s way…
I am really looking forward to your versions of this pattern. I will be checking in on instagram and ravelry regularly.
Are you coming to SAFF? I am. Did you check out my classes yet? Please, wear your 1sleeved then. I would love to see how you wear it!
If your wearing the1sleeved anywhere else, share how you wear it!

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