preparing for yarnival
2. July 2012
these are a few of my favorite yarnival things
28. July 2012

the big catch

At the Yarnival last weekend there were a lot of vendors who were selling many different and fantastic things. Spinners selling art yarn, crafters selling hats, scarfs, bags. I met a t-shirt artist who makes really nice silkscreen prints. I got one of his t-shirts and in return I made him a bag.
One of the vendors left a sheet and a big fishnet behind after the festival. I cut it up and used the strips as yarn.

Esther, who is a great spinner, took this picture, and she taught me a new twisted stitch that I used for the bag.

It is knit on 15 mm needles, that Lexi lend me.


  1. VITHARD!!!! IT’S AMAZING!!!! wow, just outstanding! really really awesome.

  2. Melissa says:

    Brilliant Vithard!

  3. Great article…so glad that I met you at the yarnival…safe travels going home..

  4. Smiler hvor du hygger. har jeg nævnt jeg er misundelig? arbejder forresten på design til en herremodel ala, persisk nordisk re-mix… Så tak fordi du gjorde mig opmærksom på at en herremodel i gobelingstrik og magiske nøgler måske er en god ide… 🙂
    Kram C, håber vi ses snart

  5. Such a gorgeous and creative bag.
    I’ve been watching the pictures of Yarnival and I’m so sorry I had to miss it.
    Takk for deling!

  6. Just fantastic! So glad the fishnet and sheet got a second life after use in the booth! You are very creative indeed! And after all the knitting skills you taught me… it was wonderful to be able to share something with you 🙂

    • vithard says:

      Thanks for all the nice comments, guys! It was an amazing and superfun project!!!

      Tak for alle de fantastiske kommentarer!! Det var et superfedt projekt!!!

  7. awesome vithard! you truly are the prince of knitting!!! i would love to work on some collaborative designs with you in the future!…and of course i will be in Copenhagen some day to knit together! xoxo

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