27. November 2012
dtk shawl
18. December 2012

is my new friend. It all started out in California, this summer

At Lexi Boeger‘s house, she taught me the basics to spinning and plying. And I ended up making this

When I got back home, my landlady lend me her spare Ashford Traditional spinning wheel.

The other night I finished these

and made this
with the help of Esther (who also took this photo of me from our Skype lesson)

I can’t wait to learn to navajo ply in January


  1. The yarn looks great! So does your first one from California! Not surprising that you are a natural! That’s a great photo on Lexi’s porch! It’s a special place, that porch..
    It’s so nice to be able to teach you in a lesson, you’ve taught me so much knitting over skype these last months! I can’t wait until you start spinning for your designs! Total control over what you create!
    We will definitely conquer navajo plying when you are here next month!

    • vithard says:

      Thanks! To learn how to spin has given me a completely new look on yarn. I really get the structure of it so much better now.
      Mastering the entire process, from sheep to sweater, is something I look forward to being able to. I will definitely use my yarn in my design!

  2. Marie-Josée says:

    I love your blue/turquoise yarn! And you look so concentrated on both pictures!

    • vithard says:

      It was exciting to spin that yarn, because the blue wool is a very long fibre and the white is shorter. I am not if you’re supposed to miw them the way I did, but it was a lot of fun!

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