since we last met

these are a few of my favorite yarnival things
28. July 2012
23. October 2012

since we last met

A long time has passed since I wrote here the last time.  I haven’t been sitting on my hands though all this time, on the contrary…

The Yarnival yarn arrived from the States:

oscarandsophia yarn

bohoknitterchic spins

jazzturtle yarn

pluckyfluff yarn

While I was going through these yarn photos it reminded me of the yarnival and I went through the photos from this summer as well. It was such a great time! I think back on it with so much pleasure. I met so many great people, that I can’t wait to see again sometime. Here are some of them

The top one is from when we went out to dinner, and the bottom one is from the opening party on friday night.
Looking at these brought tears to my eyes. Those were some seriously great times with amazing people. And then I don’t even have photos of all of the amazing people like Arlene, Reiko and Deb.
I got these übercool armwarmers and this amazing bag from Deb.

She has a shop in Sarasota, Florida, where I am planning on going in April.

‘He is only writing about this summer,  what has he been up to?’ you might be thinking. Well, the secret project, which I can’t tell you any details about yet, has now went from yarn to swatches to drawings and actual knitting. I will let you know when I’m allowed to tell you more about that. I have met up with companies and am now working on designs for them.
Today I published a pattern on Ravelry: chichek

I originally designed this vest for wilfert’s yarn store, where I used to work. The yarn I used for it is now discontinued, so when I was in the US I got Berroco yarn, with the same gauge and knit the vest up again and translated the pattern.
And talking of ravelry, I’ve started my own ravelry-group. If you haven’t done it yet, come join it. I have things planned that I will keep you updated on.

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