12. May 2012
i cannot tell you
22. June 2012


Earlier today I helped Karen, my landlady, to shear one of her mohair goats.
In their paddock the goats have a small shed, where they are fed, that’s where the shearing took place.

Here are some of the photos I took during the shearing:

It was the guy in front who was shorn today.

Karen shears with a normal pair of scissors that she sharpened prior to the shearing.

The mohair goats are shorn twice a year. They grow enormous amounts of hair.

A lighter goat.

Until recently my relation with the contents of yarn was more or less like the ones children have when they tell you that milk comes from the supermarket (not a cow). But after I moved here to Karens place (she’s a spinner and has lots of different fibre producing animals) and especially after my trip to Japan I find it more and more intriguing the look and texture of the fibre before it is spun into yarn. So participating in todays shearing was quite interesting because I realised that the mohair fibre is evenly soft from one end to the other unlike sheeps wool that is coarse at one end and soft at the other.


  1. Så er man flyttet på landet hva 😉 Smiler er slet ikke misundelig 😉 Vi savner dig i Silkeborg

    • vithard says:

      ja det er så dejligt på landet!!! ville gerne have været til Silkeborg, måske det kan lade sig gøre, hvis der bliver noget til næste år?

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