One of the classes I’ll be teaching at the Friends and Fiberworks Winter Retreat, and at a lot of other occasions in the future, is ‘Stranded Color Work Simplified!’. For this class I have made an exclusive hat pattern; njord.I used one of my favourite yarns for it, rowan felted tweed DK. I love it’s tweeded look and it’s softness from the alpaca content. If you’re taking my class, you can bring any DK weight yarn, you don’t necessarily need to bring felted tweed. I will be making other versions of it using different yarn.

The pattern of the hat hints back to traditional Scandinavian knitting patterns. I have used old Faroese and Icelandic pattens, some as they were, some I have changed a bit, and I have also used a pattern stripe of my own. As you can see it is knit in two different colours, one colour is all knit stitches and the other is all purl stitches. In traditional Scandinavian knitting it would have been all knit stitches. The difference in stitches blurs the pattern, but it gives an amazing texture to the fabric.

The pattern will not be for sale anywhere. It will only be available for class participants.