japan part III, recap
19. March 2012
hats and lines
10. April 2012


One of the things that I love about Nordic knitting is the constant repetition of patterns that covers a garment, like the pattern on these Faroese boys‘s sweaters. They describe a kind of predictability, that gives you the opportunity to either study the individual structures of the pattern or immerse yourself in the web of repeating patterns, and thereby see new structures or lines.

I have a thing with lines. When I drive in my car I like to observe white stripes on either side of the car, how they describe curves and of course straight lines. But also lines that describe a surface like these from Japan:

I have been in bed with the flu for the past week. I’ve been watching old movies and knitting away, but I needed something that had been calculated for me. Jeannie Cartmel‘s unicurve socks have been in my Ravelry favourites for quite a while now. I love the lines of twisted knit stitches the travel up the foot.
I’m knitting two at a time, using the magic loop technique. This is actually my first pair of socks knitted this way, until recently I would only knit socks on dpns. The yarn is some Arwetta Classic that has been sitting in my stash for a l o n g time.

This is how far “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” and “My own private idaho” got me.

There has also been some time to knit on the project that I brought to Japan:


  1. Dieuwke says:

    Jeg håber du også ser på trafikken mens du kører bil – og ikke bare på striberne?
    Ser godt ud, det hele – og jeg deler din passion for linjer!

    • vithard says:

      Jeg kigger både på striberne og træerne langs vejen og deres skygger på vejbanen – der bliver dog også tid til at holde øje med trafikken

  2. […] Wool People 4. The pattern has been on my want-to-knit list, since it came out. As I’ve said before, I have a thing for lines, and I really like the way they describe the shape of the shawl in this […]

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