japan part III, recap

japan, part II: silk making
10. March 2012
30. March 2012

japan part III, recap

On Friday I returned to Denmark, after spending fantastic time in Japan. I really like that country! It is beautiful, the food is really amazing (!) and the people are so friendly and nice!
My lecture went very well. It was on Scandinavian knitting traditions in relation to my works. I had been told that there might be 50 or 100 people in the audience. There were 150. I had a small display of some of my works. People were really nice and after the lecture they came up and commented. It was really nice! I had made a slight mistake. I had forgotten my camera at home, so I’m sorry no photos from the lecture. Lexi Boeger gave a lecture as well. It was a very interesting one. She is an artist, she spins and makes fabulous yarn.
On Monday Masumi Honde had invited us foreigners (Lexi, her friend/assistant Jenny and me) and her staff to an amazing dinner and after that to a traditional Japanese green tea ceremony. Both were filled with beauty, that special Japanese kind.
Tuesday I went to Tokyo, where I saw textiles, yarn stores and art, art, art… Especially I want to recommend the Mori Art Museum. That is a museum, that knows how to exhibite amazing art, amazingly.

Here are some of the photos my camera brought home:




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