6. November 2012
coming to america
20. November 2012

A lot of inspiration I get from the Nordic knitting traditions, but I also get very inspired by art. I see a show and the images sink into my brain and at some point they show up again in a piece.

On my mind at the moment are:

Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. The entire movie is an overload of amazing music and imagery, and, especially, the opening sequence is loaded with beauty.

Lee Bul, a South Korean artist, she makes amazing sculptures using all kinds of materials, like glass, metals, beads. Here’s a video from the exhibition, where I saw her at Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.

Solipsist, by Andrew Thomas Huang, an American artist and the guy who has made the artwork for the upcoming Björk remix album.

Plastic beads. Here’s a close-up of a lamp I recently made.

All of this made me yesterday pull out a pile of yarn (leftovers from making richardis)

and starting a swatch

If it will turn into an actual garment or if I’ll even finish it, I don’t know.


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