frosty photo shoot
12. February 2012
vibeke and claus
26. February 2012

header making

I finally got around to changing the default wordpress header into my own header. I wanted something that could show all the things I love about knitting:
1.the nordic patterns
2.the modern
3.the lovely yarn
1. the nordic patterns: I am in love with the traditional nordic patterns! Especially these symbols of the sun, like the more flowery version I used for my header.
2. the modern: In my header I have taken a picture of my knitting and run it through Photoshop and then written on top of it. You certainly wouldn’t have done that  150-200 years ago.
3. the lovely yarn: for my header I used these two babies:

I love Lopi yarns. They have this sturdy feeling to them, while at the same time being soft. The thing I like the most about the Lopis is that they add such a nice texture to the fabric. I haven’t tried a Lopi yarn yet that I didn’t like. My favorite is plötulopi, which is unspun wool. I used it for the lopapeysa I wore at Ragga’s Lopapeysa lecture.


  1. RodPrjónar says:

    Hey V!
    This is great! I really looking forward to seeing what will be happening here!
    I see that we share our love for lopi! I have been trying more fancy yarns lately but I always go back to the old good lopi 🙂
    Congratulations for this again!

  2. RodPrjónar says:

    Oh! And I forgot to say that I really liked your header!

    There is an amazing book that I am sure you would love. Have you heard of “Íslensk sjónabók”?

    (I posted about it a few months ago:

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