hats and lines

30. March 2012
12. May 2012

hats and lines

Yesterday when I was out running I was really happy that I wore my running hat. There was a lot of wind and it was really cold. Also there has been temperatures below 0°C these past nights, so I see nothing wrong with posting two new hat patterns on Ravelry eventhough the calendar says spring. They have both been waiting to be published for some time, and now seemed like the right.
Last night I uploaded the alma pattern.

It comes in two sizes, and is a little slouchy. I find the slouchiness and the stripe pattern a little feminine, but that is not going to keep me from making one for myself. It is a free pattern.
Tonight I have uploaded the oskar pattern.

It is also a striped hat, but this one has more classic stripes. It comes in two sizes. The pattern includes a photo tutorial on how to make folded hems without the use of sewing needles. Therefore it is a perfect beginners project. It is a fun and easy one-night-project. And I love it a lot when the contrast stripes are knit with a bold colour that really makes them pop.

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