the history of the lopapeysa – preparing for lecture in kyoto
7. February 2012
header making
20. February 2012

frosty photo shoot

For advertising for my lecture in Kyoto, but most of all for my new website I had to get some pictures taken of my designs. So yesterday my very good friend Maja, who is a goldsmith, and a fabulous photographer, and I went to the beach close to our homes to do a photoshoot. Because it has been extremely cold here in Denmark for the last month or so, the sea is almost frozen and therefore makes a beautiful scenery for a shoot.

It was -5 degrees C. Really cold, but very much fun…

Afterwards we went to visit one of our neighbours. He has a lot of sheep, who during the last three weeks have given him a lot of lambs.

They are so cute!

When we left the sky had changed completely. It was filled with what the Danes call lammeskyer (lamb clouds).

An extremely cold, but really nice day, filled with sheep and wool.

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