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19. August 2013
14. September 2013

When my brain feels overloaded, like when you’ve just gotten home from an amasing 6 week trip with massive jetlag because of the 6 hour time difference, one of my favorite things to do is visit art galleries.
You don’t have to think, all you have to do is absorb and get a lot of inspiration.
Saturday I went to Copenhagen to be artzy.
At the moment my friend, Christina Schou Christensen, is exhibiting her ceramic works along side Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen‘s at Copenhagen Ceramics. Their works are amazing!
Here are some of Christina’s:

and some of Pernille’s:

A long time ago I used to do ceramic work too, with Christina. I love how it looks so soft and yet isn’t, and the textures, and the way different glazes can change the look of the finished piece.
After that I went to the alternative art fair at Fabrikken. Different galleries were showing off pieces from some of the artists they represent. I stumbled upon Grimmuseum, from Berlin, who were displaying the works of Christopher Kline. He uses found and made objects in his work, such as in paintings, robes, masks and performances. I was really amazed by the colour and pattern play in his pieces:

I really want to go to Berlin to see more of his works, I just have to find a way to combine that with a yarn/knitting event…

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  1. Velkommen hjem igen… Trænger du til at komme ind til Strikkecafe, så passer jeg Rasmilla butikken på torsdag 🙂


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