23. October 2012
6. November 2012

North of Copenhagen is one of my favorite museums. It’s the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. A very beautiful place, it’s a fantastic building with a panoramic view of the sea and on good days you can see all the way to Sweden. The exhibitions are almost always amazing. If you’ve never been there and it is, in my opinion, one of the places you need to go when you visit Denmark. At the moment, until November 4th, there is an exhibition called ‘New Nordic – Architecture & Identity’. It’s mainly about Architecture, but it also tries to give hints about what the Nordic identity is. In small videos different people give their opinion on that.
Last weekend, the Norwegian knitting designer couple Arne & Carlos, came to Louisiana, to talk about their work and about their books.

You might know their christmas balls-book. It was published about a year ago here in Denmark. I met them back then when they came to talk about it in Copenhagen. Recently they published a book of knitted dolls, which is quite cute.
I have been a fan of their work since I discovered them 4-5 years ago, when they worked with Comme des Garçons. They made some intriguing knitwear for CdG.
This time I had brought my portfolio along, and showed it to them.

They gave me good ideas about which people to talk to when.
Arne & Carlos are two amazing guys. If you ever get a chance to meet them you should do so. They are fun and really nice!


  1. Hvor er det cool at du fik hjælp fra dem… Go Vithard 😉

  2. Rodprjónar says:

    They were in the Nordic House (Norræna húsið) in Reykjavík last Sunday and I missed them!! I was out of town 🙁

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