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21. May 2013
penelope craft
30. June 2013

Last year I had a meeting with the people from bc garn, they asked me to design a set of t-shirts for them, a men’s and a women’s. After going through my stash of traditional Scandinavian color work patterns combined with a lot of googling I came up with the idea of blowing up a pattern and spreading it out on the t-shirt. I have a thing for asymmetry. Things can become too straight, that’s why I turned one of the sleeves into a raglan while keeping a set in sleeve on the other side.

Since the beginning of this year you have been able to get your hands on this pattern in the Danish version as a kit on their website, the men’s and the women’s. As of today you can get the English version of this pattern in my Ravelry store, just the pattern not as a kit.

Even though you’re not getting the yarn with the pattern when you buy it from me, I still recommend trying out their yarns, which are pretty great. At the moment I am finalising 2 sweaters for the winter season in their shetland wool.
Here’s a sneak peek.

As you might have noticed I have added an events section to my website. Some dates for when I’ll be doing trunk shows / teaching the rest of the year have been added, but keep checking back. More dates will be added in the near future.
Please note that the sign up for SAFF, starts July 1, and from what I’ve heard classes are filled fast so keep an eye out for that. I am so looking forward to get on the road and teach and meet a lot of you amazing knitters out there!

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