Anders helped me set up my youtube channel

1. October 2013
does it fit me?
30. October 2013

Do you know my Youtube channel?
The videos that are there at the moment are all videos showing techniques from this fall’s KAL in the ravelrygroup; the1sleeved.When you look through them you’ll notice that they are all filmed and edited by Anders Villumsen. That’s my brother.

Neither one of us are professionals when it comes to making films, but Anders just recently got his Masters Degree in Media Science from the University of Copenhagen. While studying there and in the jobs he has had during his time at the university he has filmed and edited a couple of Youtube videos. And he’s good at it. His videos are featured here, here and Anders also made the video here.

For these videos we set up a studio in his apartment in Copenhagen, using whatever materials we had to create the perfect filming atmosphere.

Some videos were difficult to shoot; which angles? how’s the lighting? am I giving the right instructions? should we try something else?Most of the shooting went down pretty smoothly though. It was a lot of fun and I am really pleased with the result.I hope you find the videos useful. We have been talking about doing more technique videos, showing and talking about other more or less common knitting techniques.
I know there are a lot of knitting technique videos on the internet, but which one have you been unable to find? Which technique would you like some more knowledge on? Shoot me a comment and we might shoot the video.


  1. Esther says:

    Hej Vithard,

    I’m looking forward to see your video’s on youtube.
    Keep up the good work.
    Also beautiful pictures here on your blog.

    Xx Esther

  2. Antonia Smith says:

    Great instructions. And good video!

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