OMG! time is passing by so fast at the moment. I am working on a LOT of things. And all of a sudden it’s halfway through february. These news have been available online for some time now, but I thought I should share them anyway.

When I was in the US last summer I brought a copy of the book that came out over here just before my departure.

All of the patterns are made using Lotus yarns, I have 4 patterns featured in it.

You can get the English version here.

The Danish yarn company Filcolana has a lot of free patterns on their website. One of them is my pattern ‘Rudi’
Here‘s the Ravelry page, you can find the pattern from there.

Back to my piles of work…

A lot of people are already a part of the1sleeved KAL on Ravelry, and that’s amazingly awesome!!!

Many have asked me, though, if the1sleeved will fit them.
the1sleeved is a one size pattern, but fits almost every body type.

This past weekend I taught different workshops at SAFF, in Asheville, NC. I wore my the1sleeved a lot, and I was again asked the question about the fit in my classes.

Many of my students tried it on. They had different body types, were different sizes and they all tried the same the1sleeved on. Here’s what it looked like. Thanks everyone for letting me use these photos to display the versatility of the1sleeved.

I hope this blogpost can help the ones who are uncertain about the fit.

Do you know my Youtube channel?
The videos that are there at the moment are all videos showing techniques from this fall’s KAL in the ravelrygroup; the1sleeved.When you look through them you’ll notice that they are all filmed and edited by Anders Villumsen. That’s my brother.

Neither one of us are professionals when it comes to making films, but Anders just recently got his Masters Degree in Media Science from the University of Copenhagen. While studying there and in the jobs he has had during his time at the university he has filmed and edited a couple of Youtube videos. And he’s good at it. His videos are featured here, here and Anders also made the video here.

For these videos we set up a studio in his apartment in Copenhagen, using whatever materials we had to create the perfect filming atmosphere.

Some videos were difficult to shoot; which angles? how’s the lighting? am I giving the right instructions? should we try something else?Most of the shooting went down pretty smoothly though. It was a lot of fun and I am really pleased with the result.I hope you find the videos useful. We have been talking about doing more technique videos, showing and talking about other more or less common knitting techniques.
I know there are a lot of knitting technique videos on the internet, but which one have you been unable to find? Which technique would you like some more knowledge on? Shoot me a comment and we might shoot the video.

this year’s knit-along started today.
In the Ravelry group we’ll be knitting and talking about the1sleeved.It’s a one sleeved sweater, a poncho with a sleeve, a capey thing, a cowl maybe, or what ever you want it to be…
Share on instagram your progress, while you’re working on it, and how you wear it, once you’re done with it, using the hashtag #vithard1sleeved
The pattern involves a lot of different techniques some you might know, some you might not. I have started a youtube-channel, where I’ve posted 4 of the 5 videos that show the techniques involved in this pattern. The last one is on it’s way…
I am really looking forward to your versions of this pattern. I will be checking in on instagram and ravelry regularly.
Are you coming to SAFF? I am. Did you check out my classes yet? Please, wear your 1sleeved then. I would love to see how you wear it!
If your wearing the1sleeved anywhere else, share how you wear it!

After the Amsterdam weekend and the 6 week North America Tour, Fanø Strikkefestival, the biggest knitting event in Denmark, was the last stop on the summer of traveling.
Fanø Strikkefestival happened this weekend. I had been looking forward to this event for a long time. I had great expectations – and I wasn’t let down. Not one bit.
I met a lot of great people, like the super cool, Danish tv-host and knitter Christine Feldthausand of course all my amazing students who I shared inspirations with and laughsThanks Elsebeth Solskin for taking the class photos.
I also visited a small exhibition called ‘Laboratorium’ which contained works of different textile artists. It was super inspiring. I really need to dust off my knitting machine!

One of the artists involved was the Danish designer Iben Høj, who’s book I had to get. I am now officially an Iben Høj fan!
It was an amazing weekend! and I definitely plan on going back for next year’s festival.

Upcoming: My next knit-along on Ravelry airs on October 1. Make room in your knitting calendar and get hold of 4 skeins of sock yarn. More info to come in the Ravelry group.
My classes at SAFF in Asheville, NC are filling, but there is still room. So go sign up! I love it when my classes are big.

When I get home from traveling and go through the photos I’ve been taking during my trip, I realise that I am unable to show my family and friends what the place has been like or who I’ve been there with. My camera only contains inspirational stuff; photos of buildings, bridges, street art, bark, and stuff like that.
Here are some from Montreal:

The last stop on this summer’s North America Tour was the Festival de la Fibre TWIST Fiber Festival in Saint-André-Avellin, in Quebec.A lot of people attended and I got to teach a lot of amazing and interested students. In English and in French. I hadn’t spoken French in a long time, but it was great to dust it off.I love teaching. I love meeting other fiber and yarn geeks.
There was also a small exhibition of various works made from wool.
My piece was a part of my change project.
Amélie, who is the head behind TWIST, lives on a farm just outside the village. It was an awesome place to hang out in the evenings and visit her fiber studio and the cute, cute cashmere goats, that she and her husband raise.

After this fantastic weekend I flew back home with a lot of great experiences with so many new amazing friends, that I collected throughout this summer’s North America Tour. Thank you everyone!

When my brain feels overloaded, like when you’ve just gotten home from an amasing 6 week trip with massive jetlag because of the 6 hour time difference, one of my favorite things to do is visit art galleries.
You don’t have to think, all you have to do is absorb and get a lot of inspiration.
Saturday I went to Copenhagen to be artzy.
At the moment my friend, Christina Schou Christensen, is exhibiting her ceramic works along side Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen‘s at Copenhagen Ceramics. Their works are amazing!
Here are some of Christina’s:

and some of Pernille’s:

A long time ago I used to do ceramic work too, with Christina. I love how it looks so soft and yet isn’t, and the textures, and the way different glazes can change the look of the finished piece.
After that I went to the alternative art fair at Fabrikken. Different galleries were showing off pieces from some of the artists they represent. I stumbled upon Grimmuseum, from Berlin, who were displaying the works of Christopher Kline. He uses found and made objects in his work, such as in paintings, robes, masks and performances. I was really amazed by the colour and pattern play in his pieces:

I really want to go to Berlin to see more of his works, I just have to find a way to combine that with a yarn/knitting event…

Windy Knitty is a great yarn store in Chicago. If you ever go there, be sure to visit.
I taught a couple of workshops there and gave a lecture on traditional Scandinavian knitting + trunk show, this weekend. There was a big turn out.

This upcoming weekend I’ll be at festival de la fibre TWIST fiber festival in Quebec. I am really looking forward to this.
It will be my last stop on this summer’s North America Tour.
When I am back home in Denmark I have some upcoming classes at Sommerfuglen. I am most excited about the men’s knitting group, so if you’re a man in Copenhagen, and you (want to) knit, please sign up! It would be great with a big group!

today is a day of decompression…
The past three and a half day I have spent at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center for this year’s Stitches Midwest event. It was my first time attending, but what a time…
My samples were displayed amongst the awesome yarns and batts of my friend Esther of Jazzturtle Creations‘s booth.I was at the booth too. Knitting. Many a knitter, crocheter, spinner passed by the booth for a chat. It was amazing! Thanks everyone for passing by it was great meeting and talking to all of you!
But I didn’t stay at the booth the entire time, walking around the fair I met a lot of interesting people. I hung out with old friends and made many new exciting connections. I am really looking forward to see what will come of this awesome pile, the ideas are swirling in my head…
And on top of this I got this great bag from Jo from Nantucket Bags. My knitting has from now on a new home!

After a couple of days of preparation and hanging out here in Chicago it will be time for the lecture/trunk show on Friday and the ‘Stranded color work Simplified!’- and the ‘Design Your Own Beautiful Triangle Shawl’-workshops on Saturday at Windy Knitty. Remember the sign up on their website. See you there?